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The site is shutting down therefore we are not activating new memberships.

Our business is about delivering secure videos which the viewer cannot download and distribute so, making sure I use the best technology to do this is a pretty important decision.

I use Adobe's Flash Player because it can do Secure Video Streaming and encrypted video, the most secure way to stream videos making them much less susceptible to download and theft. Flash player plugin does all the processing of any Flash movie, independently of the browser that is displaying the content.

The big down side of Flash is that it doesn’t work on mobile or tablets. Users trying to access Flash content on their phones are often greeted by an error message or a blank square. Mobiles require HTML5 video which allow a web developer to add a video directly to the web page, without the need for a third party plugin like Flash.

At this point, there’s no method for secure video delivery using HTML5. The video file is transferred to the viewer’s device openly, and is easy to intercept, download and steal. For content owners who wish to keep control of their assets, this is a pretty critical point against HTML5.

Many users do not install the Flash plugin and therefore have trouble viewing the clips. Activating the flash plugin is getting increasingly difficult therefore toewigglers will shut down when the last membership has expired. Thanks to all who supported toewigglers.com. Good Bye.

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